Make Room For A New Game

The ultimate virtual reality experience for immersive gaming and video, sharable with others and adaptable to your living space.

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The most advanced virtual reality gaming experience

Immersis uses the latest technologies in 3D mapping, image and sound treatment, and optics with an LED projector and custom lenses.

Its design is modern and unique, a creation of French and American designers.

Immersis : Innovative
Immersis : Sociable


The pleasure of group gaming in your VR world.

Imagine yourself, comfortable in your living room, with your friends and your family, sharing a completely immersive experience in one of your favorte video games. Play as long as you want without fatigue.

If VR headsets put you by yourself into a virtual world, Immersis does the opposite : it brings other worlds into your living space together with your friends.

You can also use Immersis to project your videos and photos at 180° or your vacation and sports adventures at 360°.


Compatible with your existing games and hardware; adapts to your living space.

Set-up Immersis in whatever room you would like: your bedroom, the living room… its calibration software will adapt the image to the room.  Immersis folds away for convenient storage and transport.

We provide an SDK to help developers create even more immersive gameplay and tighter integration with other devices. Immersis can integrate a television or tablet into the projected image.